Spring Equinox

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”
― Percy Bysshe ShelleyOde to the West Wind


The windows are open
to the chill morning sun,
and a merry chorus of birdsong
accompanies my first cup of tea.
Even the sleepy squirrel
in the ancient pine tree
feels the return of the sun
on his fine grey fur,
and I watch him with delight.

I’m reminded of renewal,
of the promise
of the turning of time.
There’s always a new chapter
after the closing of another season.
And Spring awakening holds the
sweetest promise.
Winter does end, loves,
and time flies ever forward.

Sit still in the in-between
and listen to the aria of spring.
You will never hear
this same melody again.
Let your heart be open
to the first stirrings of life.
The seed you planted
in the dead of winter,
on day you felt it break your spirit,
is ready to burst open
and renew your joyous spirit.



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