In Between




“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep.”
― Rumi



between the shadow of night
and the light of dawn,
exists a place of
A doorway
into the beginning,
and a path
into the end,

A bird sings just as sweetly
at the sun’s coming
as it does
at the twilight of the day.
They are the gate-keepers
of the in between.
A harbinger of
the moment in balance.

Sit quietly
in that moment,
or walk the pathway
into the fading light.
Let bird-song
and shadows
take your awareness
to the places
that are most tender
in your heart,
and pour light
into your wounds.

Here, live the countries
of your imagination.
No longer a fairy tale
but a true place of knowing.
Your heart space,
a dimension in itself,
is present where the
azure shadow
meets the
golden light.







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