Trafalgar Square, London by Francis Firth c. 1860’s


The lions of Trafalgar Square are glorious, dog-like statues that sit proudly in the heart of the city that stole my heart in November of 2014.

This albumen print depicts one of the four large bronze lions by Landseer surrounding Nelsons Column in Trafalgar Square, London. (Albumen print mounted on cardboard.)

Walking your streets,
I lost all sense of time.
It was the time of Victoria,
I heard the horse-drawn carriages.
It was the swinging 60’s,
I knew Love is All We Need.
It was Morrissey’s London,
I felt the cold war oppression.
And I know now why Time Lords
Lurk in the narrow passages
of your history.
It is the essence of London.
All time exists at once,
Shakespeare rubs elbows
with Ziggy Stardust,
and the Lions in Trafalgar Square
are watching the dance.