Friendship and Healing

“Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends.”
Virginia Woolf

Today I was inspired again by another amazing person who has recently entered my life. This awesome soul was introduced to me because we share the same name. Now, that may happen often if your name is Sue or John, but when your name is Justina…well, that’s always something new. And then, after meeting and chatting with her, I discovered a kindred spirit! How rare and how perfectly lovely!

Justina 2.0 graced my world with a message today on the power of friendship, and how it sometimes saves us from things that seek to break us down. After the disasters and breakdowns, it’s such a miracle to have certain people in our lives that pick up our broken pieces and remind us what is right in the world.
I hope you all have the people in your life that keep your head above water. XO

For Justina

Sometimes the words of the world
are like knives in the darkness.
You’re bleeding out
faster than your own hands
can cover the wounds.

Here are a second set of hands.
Please, I’m not using them,
and I only want to hold you together.
No, the blood won’t stain,
and the darkness doesn’t scare me.

Come closer, look and see:
some words can mend what is torn,
some actions can take away pain,
and the light of friendship
will indeed dispel this darkness.